The company ARBASTA AG was founded in 1996 and has been in operation in Ersigen since 2004. The company employs around 14 people in Ersigen and about 26 people within the whole group.

They mainly focus on the trade in plant, flower pots and jars, predominantly from the Far East but also from Europe.

As a wholesaler, we are partner in the specialised trade with:

  • Product search
  • Local quality assurance
  • The acquisition of critical quantities 

Furthermore, we would like to be guarantor in the following points:

  • For a sustainable development in the countries of production
  • For the compliance of 'Human Rights' during the production
  • For a caring partnership between rich and poor

After many years of experience within Asia, Africa and South America, these points have become close to our heart. Our activities should therefore not only be a help to our company, but first of all also to our partners.


We have sound local structures on the ground in order to continuously detect trends or interesting items which we produce in good quality under our own management. The goods can be packed as palettes and shipped according to customer specifications. Besides the standard products, which can be delivered at short notice from our warehouse in Ersigen, the customers have the additional option of ordering customised goods. 

Arbasta Group

The Arbasta Group Pte. Ltd.  was incorporated in the year 1994 as Fontina (Overseas) Pte. Ltd. with the intention to finance and coordinate the activities in Vietnam. The structure grew by different other activities and today there are eight permanent employees whereas two are responsible for the range garden and pottery.

Arbasta's tasks are finding and procuring new products in the Asiatic market for its distribution companies. In regard to that Arbasta has made long term cooperation agreements with distributors in Vietnam and China. These agreements allows Arbasta to control and optimize both design concepts as well as quality control.

The Arbasta Group Pte. Ltd. supplies Switzerland (daughter company Arbasta AG, Ersigen) Arbasta's goals are to create the most optimal and cost effective opportunities as possible for its customers in terms of small quantities (pallets) and as well container business. The entire process of ordering goods from Arbasta is handled in a open and transparent way. So Arbasta Singapore is more a service company than a trader.


Arbasta Group Pte. Ltd. Singapore

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